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Devil's Ringtone



released: april 2014
recorded: 2013-2014

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In may 2013 , Stan Lee Cole’s ( Stijn Cole ) debut album Devil’s Ringtone was warmly welcomed by press and public. As the piano player for the TV show Scheire en de Schepping, Cole put out his debut album as a free download on the website of VIER. The result being that 10000
people downloaded it, virtual gold…

With Separated Stan Lee Cole won a first prize in the prestigious ISC ( International Songwriting Competition ), who was has sounding names in their jury the likes of; Tom Waits, Nas, Robert Smith, Suzanne Vega and Francis Black. Separated got major airplay on
Radio 1, Studio Brussel, Radio 2 and Qmusic.

The video for Separated, won many international prizes (too many to mention), won third place on Leuven Kort, and was nominated for a MIA.

Because of all of the surrounding buzz, Stan Lee Cole caught the eye of producer Jo Bogaert, know for his worldwide hit single Pump Up The Jam , but whom we also know for his later work with Gabriel Rios (Broad Daylight). Bogaert suggested to Cole that he would write 20 songs, mainly ballads.

Stijn: ”When I had written 10 ballads, I was so into it, that Bogaerts second request -”Also write some uptempo songs”- resulted in ... more ballads. By then, the only songs I could produce where slow songs. There was no escaping them. Even when I started out with a fast rhythm, I eventually ended up with a slow song. It felt like it HAD to be slow, and in the end I wouldn't have it any other way. Slow but intens, that’s why we weep”

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